Environmental performance

How has UN Environment performed in environmental terms over the years? Have a look at the graphs below to find out.


UN Environment has been measuring its environmental footprint since 2007 and significant improvements has been shown over time. In 2014, we reduced our air travel emissions by 7 per cent and business travel decreased from 15 per cent to 6 per cent compared to 2013. A decrease in business travel has been key to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, as business flights account for twice the emissions of economy flights. We collect our environmental data every year, and use this information to calculate our buildings and air travel emissions and report them as part of the annual greenhouse gas inventory exercise led by SUN.

The SUN Facility collects this information from all UN agencies and reports the information annually in Moving Towards a Climate Neutral UN. In the comparative analysis of emissions across the UN system, an important role is played by the accuracy and completeness of the inventory data. UN Environment is proud to be standing out for the completeness of its inventory of greenhouse gas emissions and strives to continuously improve its accuracy year on year.

Source: Greening the Blue