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Unlocking private finance for sustainable land use

Land, agriculture and forests nexus at the heart of natural capital

‘Business-as-usual’ land use for the big four drivers of deforestation - beef, soy, wood and palm oil and other commodities in which too much water is extracted for commodity production, forest are lost and species eradicated – is leading us on a path towards climate disaster and ultimately huge economic and financial costs for society.A systemic transformation towards sustainable land use whereby agricultural commodity production is decoupled from deforestation, and whereby investments in forestry and agriculture lead to landscape restoration, climate mitigation/adaptation and biodiversity protection is possible. It requires fundamental shifts in the incentives provided by governments, such as through fiscal policies and trade agreements, as well as the will to act by agribusinesses, traders and financiers towards nature- and climate- positive land use.  

New Restoration Seed Capital Facility launched to promote investment in forest landscape restoration

Geneva, 27 October 2020 - A Restoration Seed Capital Facility with initial capitalization of EUR 25 million launched today aims to boost the contribution of private finance to forest restoration, helping to…

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