Country programmes

In the aftermath of a crisis, UN Environment develops tailor-made environmental recovery programmes through field-based project offices to support long-term stability and sustainable development in conflict and disaster-affected countries. 

UN Environment country recovery programmes help these post-crisis countries strengthen environmental management to support post-crisis recovery, build resilience and support the consolidation of peace.

Following a post-crisis environmental assessment, UN Environment is available to assist national governments to address environmental priorities through recovery programmes that are tailored to country-specific needs. Where it is necessary and requested, UN Environment can establish project offices in country to coordinate environmental work, as is currently the case in AfghanistanSudanSouth Sudan and Haiti.

From helping local and national authorities develop effective laws, policies and institutions, to providing training and equipment, UN Environment seeks to help countries to manage their natural resources in a more effective and sustainable manner. UN Environment can also coordinate clean-up efforts or catalyze community-based ecosystem restoration and sustainable reconstruction projects in sites damaged by or vulnerable to conflicts and disasters.