United Nations Environment Programme

Global Environment Outlook

GEO-6 Process

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The sixth edition of the Global Environment Outlook (GEO-6) provides a clear assessment of the current state of the environment, the challenges that we face and how well we have dealt with them, with due consideration given to gender, indigenous knowledge and cultural dimensions. The assessment lays the foundation for continued socio-environmental assessments across relevant scales, with a thematic as well as an integrated focus, enabling and informing societal transitions and the tracking of Sustainable Development Goal targets and goals as well as previously agreed internationally environmental goals. The enhanced policy analysis in this sixth edition is aimed at assisting member states to position themselves on the most effective pathways for transformations toward a sustainable future. The preparation of the sixth edition of the Global Environment Outlook involved various activities to bring experts and stakeholders together as well as update the world on the process as well as the progress of the report. These activities included; global author’s meetingsMonthly newslettersOutreach Events, Visioning workshops, and the use of the Environment Live platform.

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